Review: Bareburger Restaurant


As much as I love cooking and creating new recipes, sometimes it is very nice to spend the evening dining out at a restaurant, especially one that offers gluten free options on the menu. When a new restaurant called Bareburger recently opened in our neighborhood advertizing grass-fed burgers on gluten free hamburger buns, my family was quite eager to try it out. Here is my daughter Nicole’s review.

Review: Bareburger Restaurant


It was a Friday evening, and my family was dining at the Bareburger restaurant that had recently opened in our neighborhood. When the burgers arrived at our table, we collectively held our breath. We were sure the grass-fed beef would taste delicious. The patties were thick and juicy, cooked perfectly pink on the inside. But what about the gluten free buns? Often gluten free bread can taste chalky and fall apart. One of us bravely took the first bite, and his face quickly broke into a wide grin. The hamburger buns had passed the taste test. “Yes,” he said. “That’s what a burger is supposed to taste like.”


Trying to eat gluten free when dining out can be quite a challenge. It’s always wonderful to find restaurants that not only accommodate gluten allergies, but, like Bareburger, are also knowledgeable about gluten free diets and the dangers of cross contamination. And, of course, have delicious healthy food to boot. Everything on the huge Bareburger menu is organic and all natural from the sodas to the vegetables to the meat and even the ketchup. The menu clearly marks which foods are safe for the gluten free diner. And, yes, those hand cut fries truly are gluten free. At Bareburger, there are dedicated fryers and grills for the gluten free food.

Review: Bareburger Restaurant

Although its name might suggest that this is only a hamburger joint, there are actually a number of meat options on the menu: turkey, grilled chicken, lamb, and (for the more adventurous) wild boar, elk, bison, and even ostrich. Or you can go for a vegetarian option with a portabella mushroom patty. The manager informed us that the gluten free tapioca rice flour buns are actually made by Udi’s, one of our favorite brands. For dessert, we enjoyed the decadent gluten free flourless chocolate cake.

Even though Bareburger is so gluten-free friendly, you should still make sure to inform your server about your gluten free allergy. One of the salads we ordered, which we thought had been marked as gluten free, arrived with two toasted pieces of bread. Another time we had a mix-up where one of us received the wrong bun on her burger. This was an honest mistake because we were a large group and some of us were ordering the brioche buns and others had chosen the gluten free ones.

Review: Bareburger Restaurant

Mom enjoyed her salad. She is not allergic to gluten. However, be sure to let the server know if you are gluten free. No toast with your salad!

Ultimately, though, our dinner was definitely a success, and we’d recommend the restaurant to all of our gluten free friends. At the moment, the Bareburger restaurants are located throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but this spring and summer they are opening locations across the country and even internationally in Germany and Canada.

Review: Bareburger Restaurant

I hope more restaurants will follow Bareburger’s example of healthy, organic, all-natural, humanely raised gluten free food!

Review: Bareburger Restaurant


I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. says

    That sounds like a wonderful restaurant. Where I’m from (in the sticks) we don’t find much of those around. I don’t even thing there are any vegetarian restaurants nearby. I’m happy for you that you found a place and the the food was good too. Your pictures are amazing. Take care!

  2. Snigdha Bhargava says


    I visited Bareburger in April 2014 on one of the Sundays with my husband and parents. My parents were visiting form India. We had a horrible experience in terms of service on 34th and 3rd location. We were party of four and the hostess was not allowing us to take two tables and join them in one since the table for four people was occupied. She asked to sit outside. That day the winds were cold even though it was sunny. I again requested her that my parents are feeling cold, if we could sit inside. Still the manager was reluctant do it. After almost 40 min she allowed us to sit inside when the table for four was vacant. I see that Bareburger’s sole aim is to sell its burger with ZERO service.

    After few days I gotta chance to have a conversation with Bareburger marketting head since he was visiting our school. I told him the experience I had. He promised me that he will send me an invitation to the same location and a gift voucher as an apology. its already been 72 hours and I haven’t heard anything from him yet. I am not asking for any gift voucher or any invitation. My whole point in writing here is to let the others and the bareburger know how I feel after all this incident. I have totally abandon Bareburger. They are not just loosing one customer instead 1000. Word of mouth plays an important role here. I am so upset with Bareburger that I would never ever go there again.

    I believe they only know how to position their products but not the people and the service.

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